Melscheimer Cemetery

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5925 Ridge Ave. S.E.,   P.O. Box 434, East Sparta, OH  44626


The cemetery rules and regulations are posted in 4 different areas of Melscheimer Cemetery AND are listed below.   If decorations do not adhere to the rules, they may be removed and placed by the garage.

These rules became effective 5/1/95; revised 4/15/96.

No artificial flowers or wreaths in the mowing season, except flowers securely mounted on top of monuments.

No fences, borders, mulch, marble chips or stones.

Flowers to be placed at base of upright monuments, not to extend more than 12 inches in front of monument.

Flowers permitted May 5th thru June 15th.

Fresh flowers to be placed in receding vases in Flush Stone Area.

No planting of shrubs or evergreens.

All existing plantings, trim to 4-1/2 feet or less

All lots to be cleaned three (3) days after Easter.

Trash to be put in receptacles or removed from cemetery.

No pets permitted in cemetery.

No person shall enter cemetery from dusk to dawn WITHOUT PERMISSION.


01/15/2019  Donald L. Ross – WWII Veteran – Army Air Corps
01/18/2019  Marvin L. Cook
01/28/2019  Howard N. Mark – U.S. Army Veteran
02/08/2019  Eugene Tinlin
02/11/2019  Delores Seabolt
02/22/2019  Robert Lee “Tim” Hall
03/14/2019  James E. McCoy – Vietnam Veteran – U.S. Army
03/19/2019  Rev. Lester Stephens
03/28/2019  Elijah S. Aquilo
03/29/2019  Raymond L. Mayle – Korean War Veteran – U.S. Army
04/01/2019:  Donald V. Kintigh – WWII Veteran – U.S. Army
04/17/2019:  Dorothy M. Rebstock
05/01/2019:  John Grindel
05/10/2019:  Norma J. Yenny
05/30/2019:  Tina Marie Stewart
05/31/2019:  Janice E. Lake
06/06/2019:  Kim R. Steinmetz
06/18/2019:  Dana M. Marcum


Melscheimer Burial Report 1800-2018

BURIALS — Unmarked Graves @ Melscheimer



Lot Fees:  Pike Township Resident: $600.00 per space Non-Resident: $900.00 per space

Internment: (opening & closing) $800.00 per burial

Cremation or Infant burial:  $400.00 per burial

Burial of Double Cremains:  (two sets in one urn) $600.00

ADDITIONAL FEES: (in addition to above burial fees)

Internments: Saturday or Federal Holidays is an additional $200.00
Saturday burial hours will be between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
There will be no Sunday burials.

2019 Federal Holidays:  January 1, January 21, February 18, May 27, July 4, September 2, October 14, November 11, November 28, December 25

Late arrival at cemetery (after 2:30 p.m.) $ 250.00

Disinterment Fee: $1,400.00

Deed Fee:  $25.00

Rates Effective January 2, 2017


MONUMENT FOUNDATIONS(Rates change effective 1/4/2016)

Effective June 8, 1999, the deadline dates for accepting orders for the normal spring and fall pouring of foundations is:


April 1st                                 and                                         October 1st

Stones should NOT be delivered to the cemetery without prior notification from the township that the footers are ready and the stones can be set.

The current rates for all foundations are as follows:      (subject to change from time to time)

$.80 per surface square inch for concrete foundations; minimum charge of $155.00.

$1.00 per surface square inch for special pouring of foundations; minimum charge of $220.00

$150.00 flat rate for all flush/grass markers in Hilltop Section, installed on sand.

All stones in the Old Section and New Addition Section of Melscheimer Cemetery, Bowman, Asbury, Oak Grove and Zion Church Cemeteries, will have concrete foundations.  Concrete foundations will have a 3” (3 inch) border on all sides and be 30 inches deep and the size limits are:

Single monument or marker will not exceed 12” x 24”

Double monument or marker will not exceed 12” x 50”

Triple monument or marker will not exceed 12” x 66”

Upright monuments are limited in height to 30” above foundation.

Types of stones permitted in the Melscheimer Hilltop Section varies.  Most of the Hilltop is flush markers only, but some lots are permitted upright monuments.  Please contact the cemetery sexton regarding placement of monuments.

All correspondence should be addressed to Pike Township and mailed to the above P. O. Box  to the attention of the Cemetery Sexton.  Any questions can be also directed to the Pike Township office at  (330)  866-3433, or by email to